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Telecommunications Engineers

The Andalusian Telecommunications Engineers meet in the 4KSUMMIT

19/10/2017 | News 4K | 2017

The Andalusian Association of Graduates and Technical Telecommunications Engineers (AAGIT) and the Official Association of Technical Telecommunications Engineers of Andalusia (COITT-A) will participate in the 4KSUMMIT

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Eutelsat and the multinational company IHS Markit will present their world market reports on UHD in the 4KSummit

16/10/2017 | News 4K | 2017

Eutelsat and UK-based multinational company IHS Markit will present global market reports on Ultra High Definition (UHD) in the 4KSummit, to be held in Malaga from 8 to 10 of November.

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4KSummit Market

The 4KSummit will provide new market access opportunities to producers

11/10/2017 | News 4K | 2017

The 4KSummit will provide new market access opportunities to audiovisual producers, making the most out of the visit of senior TV executives to the capital of the Costa del Sol.

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UK top engineers

UK top engineers bid for 4K Summit 2017 to discuss 4K / UHD-HDR

09/10/2017 | News 4K | 2017

Four UK top engineers from different multinational companies and experts on 4K-Ultra High Definition (HD) will participate as speakers in the 4K Summit.

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David Wood

DVB and David Wood, UHD guru, make their debut at the 4KSummit in Malaga

05/10/2017 | News 4K | 2017

The 4KSummit continues to add top speakers to its agenda and has confirmed the presence of the notable UK Swiss-based engineer David Wood.

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4KS agenda

The 4KSummit reveals part of its agenda with the confirmation of NASA, the UHD Alliance, the UHD Forum and FAME

03/10/2017 | News 4K | 2017

The 4KSummit has revealed part of its agenda confirming the participation of NASA, the UHD Alliance, the Ultra HD Forum and the Forum for the Advancement of the Media in Europe (FAME), among others

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Thierry Fautier

UHD Forum to offer a masterclass at the 4KSummit of Malaga

28/09/2017 | News 4K

The President of the UHD Forum, Thierry Fautier, will lead the delegation, deliver a Keynote Speech and moderate a masterclass with its members at the 4KSummit

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Carlos Fontanot

NASA to land at the 4K Summit in Malaga: A dream come true

25/09/2017 | News 4K | 2017

Carlos Fontanot, International Space Station Imagery Manager, will be the Speaker of Honour at the 4KSummit17 organized by Medina Media.

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Michael Zink, the new chairman of the UHD Alliance, in the 4K-UHD Summit 2017

21/09/2017 | News 4K | 2017

The new Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Ultra High Definition Alliance (UHDA), Michael Zink, will take part in and deliver a Keynote Speech at the 4K-UHD Summit 2017

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The Forum for Advanced Media in Europe (FAME) will meet in Malaga during the 4K Summit

14/09/2017 | News 4K | 2017

The Forum for Advanced Media in Europe (FAME) will hold its next meeting in Malaga in November, during the third edition of 4KSummit, in which they will deliver first-hand conclusions to the privileged attendees of the 4K Summit 2017.

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Registrations open for the 4K Summit 2017

01/09/2017 | News 4K | 2017

The 4K SUMMIT 2017, which will be held in Malaga from the 8th to the 10th of November, has opened registrations today, 100 days before its inauguration, with important discounts for early birds.

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The 4K-UHD SUMMIT will be held from 8th to 10th November in MÁLAGA

09/03/2017 | News 4K | 2016

Medina Media and ProMálaga have reached an agreement that states that the capital of the Costa del Sol will host the third edition of the 4K Summit (4KS17), which will be held the second week of November.

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the best of UHD-HDR

4K-UHD Summit 2016: the best of UHD-HDR

09/11/2016 | News 4K | 2016

Top speakers from EBU-EUROVISION, Sky, TV Globo, Travel XP, Stingray and delegates of leader companies such as Dolby, SES Astra, Eutelsat, Grass Valley, Sony, Nokia, Samsung, Fujifilm, Ericsson, Panasonic, Rohde &Schwarz, Ateme, Akamai, have confirm their participation in the 4K Summit’16 that takes places on November 10 and 11 in Sevilla.

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USA, India, Brazil, Canada and Spain debate about UHD contents in the world

08/11/2016 | News 4K | 2016

4K Summit’16 has become a relevant forum for UHD content producers around the world from companies like Discovery, TV Globo, Stingray, Medina Media, rtve and Travel XP.

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Two of the best speakers of NAB’16, at the 4K-UHD SUMMIT 2016

04/11/2016 | News 4K | 2016

Hans Hoffmann (EBU) and Josh Stinehour (Devoncroft Partners) have confirmed their presence at the 4K-UHD Summit next week in Seville. The 4K-UHD Summit, held on 10 and 11 November in Seville, has confirmed the presence of two of the most relevant speakers of the past NAB in Las Vegas.

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Rio 2016

RIO GAMES and UHD-LIVE, to be analyzed at the 4K-UHD SUMMIT 2016

27/10/2016 | News 4K | 2016

Innovations experienced in the Rio Games, the main global event of 2016, will be analyzed. Together with the UHD-LIVE experiences with European Championship, La Liga and other live transmissions, through experts in Ultra High Definition (UHD) during the 4K-UHD Summit, to be held on 10 and 11 November in Seville.

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4K-UHD-HDR “Top Engineers” from uk committed to the 4K-UHD SUMMIT

17/10/2016 | News 4K | 2016

Five “top engineers” of Great Britain, from different multinationals and experts in the 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) and HDR, participate as speakers in the 4K Summit, putting a strong “British” accent to this international summit which will take place on 10 and 11 November in Seville.

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11/10/2016 | News 4K | 2016

The 4K-UHD SUMMIT, which will be focused this year on HDR, UHD-LIVE and Virtual Reality, will feature the participation of top level speakers and major international companies of UHD technology and content. Some of them are:

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Get your Early Bird conference pass before sep 15

13/09/2016 | News 4K | 2016

The second edition of the 4K-UHD Summit will feature worldwide speakers and technology experts of 4K-UHD. Virtual Reality and technical improvements like HDR , HFR , WCG or immersive audio, will be discussed at the 4K-UHD Summit 2016, with Telefonica-Movistar as main sponsor.

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Get your Early Bird conference pass now for the 4K-UHD Summit 2016

29/08/2016 | News 4K | 2016

4K-UHD Summit celebrates its second edition in Seville on November 10 and 11 to bring together the best of worldwide 4K-UHD content and technology.

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25/07/2016 | News 4K | 2016

The LIVE-UHD experiences in Rio Olympics and the European Championships, and the Virtual Reality will be the stars in many of the debates and conferences of the 4K-UHD SUMMIT that will take place on 10 and 11 November in Seville, with Telefonica-Movistar as main sponsor.

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Multinational techs add to Telefonica-Movistar in 4K-UHD Summit

14/07/2016 | News 4K | 2016

SES- Astra, Rohde & Schwarz and Canon have confirmed their participation in the second edition of the event organized by Medina Media 4K

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21/06/2016 | News 4K | 2016

Telefónica will be the main sponsor of the second edition of the 4K-UHD Summit to present its projects related to Ultra High Definition through its Movistar+ platform.

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How UHDTV will show more colours

03/12/2015 | News 4K | 2016
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Second edition of the 4KSummit: November 10-11 2016

25/11/2015 | News 4K | 2016

The first 4KSummit, held in Seville last 5 and 6 November, brought together a total of 20 countries, through companies, professionals and attendees from Japan, Korea, USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, Finland, Germany, Norway, Britain, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland, Italy and Spain.

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4K Summit confirms first speakers

29/10/2015 | News 4K

As the deadline nears, the 4K World Summit organised by Medina Media in Seville has announced the first names on its list of speakers. Thierry Fautier, president of the Ultra High Definition Forum and VP of video strategy at Harmonic, will discuss the current distribution of Ultra HD on TV channels and over-the-top (OTT) platforms.

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Open registration period for 4K World Summit 2015 in Seville

26/08/2015 | News 4K

It's possible to reserve now a place for the international conference on 4K and Ultra HD technology to be held in Seville on 5 and 6 November.

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Ultra HD Forum gains new members

03/08/2015 | News 4K

The Ultra HD Forum, a global advocacy body with a mission to facilitate the adoption of UHD and related technologies, announced today that its membership has grown significantly, as the industry ramps up for UHD commercial deployments. The Ultra HD Forum’s membership has tripled to 20 member companies from the original founding charter members who […]

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4K-UHD Summit Contents

03/08/2015 | News 4K

Dancing, guitar playing, designing, singning, feeling flamenco… Everything in 4K

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'The sea chef'

‘THE SEA CHEF’ produced in 4K

15/07/2015 | News 4K

‘The Sea Chef’ is a series of 13 episodes of 50 minutes, produced by MedinaMedia4K (Ultra High Definition), where the chef Ángel León, who has two Michelin Stars, reveals all the secrets of the seafood cuisine captivated last night almost one million viewers in Spain.

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