27/05/2019 | News 4K

Medina Media promotes the “UHD Spain” and commits to start it on November 8, coinciding with the 4K-HDR Summit and the Málaga 4K Fest

Following the path of Germany, Britain, France and Italy, Spain will have before the end of the year its permanent national forum on Ultra High Definition (UHD), open to all companies, multinationals, producers and professionals who are currently part of the ecosystem of this new technology in the audiovisual industry.

Ricardo Medina, CEO of the Medina Media Group, announced today the initiative “UHD Spain”, to which he has put date and place for its constitution: Friday, November 8 in Malaga.

The 5th edition of the 4K-HDR Summit, the largest international event on Ultra High Definition (UHD), will close on that day, and the Malaga 4KFest, the world’s largest festival of short documentaries, will also host the awards ceremony, at which more than 500 works from 47 countries have been presented.

“UHD Spain will be a non-profit association, which in 2020 will have activities programmed on a quarterly basis, and which will have the blessing of the UHD World Forum and the UHD World Alliance, the two major world associations that support the development of Ultra High Definition”, said the CEO of Medina Media, which organizes both the 4K-HDR Summit and the Malaga 4KFest, whose technical direction runs from this year in charge of Malaga Festival.

Unlike the Ultra High Definition associations in Germany, Britain, France and Italy, which are heirs to previous initiatives on DTT and High Definition (HD), UHD Spain will be newly created and will be open to the whole world of 4K-UHD.

The rise of 4K-UHD in Spain is a technological and content phenomenon that has been driven by the demand for new platforms such as Netflix, which require all its productions to be recorded and post-produced in Ultra High Definition (UHD) in order to be distributed with the highest quality to its customers worldwide.

“The aim is to highlight everything that is being done in Spain in relation to Ultra High Definition (UHD), which is a lot and does not have the visibility it deserves. Much more is being done than in other countries, but we are disconnected from each other and we don’t put it in the shop window”, points out Medina.

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