Second edition of the 4KSummit: November 10-11 2016

25/11/2015 | News 4K

This international summit will link again Ultra HD content generators and 4K technology experts.

The first 4KSummit, held in Seville last 5 and 6 November, brought together a total of 20 countries, through companies, professionals and attendees from Japan, Korea, USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, Finland, Germany, Norway, Britain, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland, Italy and Spain.

56 Speakers: world leaders, such as Thierry Fautier, Chairman of the Ultra HD Forum; Philip Laven, President of DVB Project, Andrew King, Head of Technology BBC Engineering. And Top companies; such as SES ASTRA, RTVE, HISPASAT, CELLNEX, Eutelsat, EVS, Sony, Dolby, Samsung, Canon, Grass Valley, Movistar +, Avid, among others, met in Seville, for first time, to discuss the viability and future of this technology.

In conclusion, all experts agreed on the important achievement of the 4KSummit in Sevilla, to have joined for the first time, leading companies in the content production and in the technology field. They insisted that both industries must attuned to the 4K-UHD advance. This match is essential to create top quality content and attract the end user; who will decide at last if the Ultra High Definition succeeds or fails, as it has happened in the commercial level for 3D.

Some of the most relevant data that came out during the 4KSummit where offered by Jorge Rodriguez, Hispasat. He said that from 2020 there will be over 200 channels worldwide in 4K-UHD, to be enjoyed by more than 90 million households with 4K TV sets. By 2025, he estimates there will be 800 channels. For his part, the projections presented by Luis Sahún, SES Astra, bring the number of Ultra High Definition channels in the next 10 years, up to some 1,200 globally.

“We view technology a mean to reach more and in a better way our audience,” said Corporate Director General of RTVE, Enrique Alejo, in his closing speech in this first two-days edition of the 4KSummit in Seville. Antonio Fernández-Paniagua, from the Ministry of Industry, congratulated all Spanish companies that “are at the forefront of technology, implementing the 4K-UHD to their teams.” Fernández-Paniagua stressed the need for all actors in the audio-visual sector to find the common ground in order to 4K-UHD finally reaches as many users as possible. “The 4KSummit has largely met the intended objectives and has contributed greatly to this sharing,” concluded Fernández-Paniagua.

In addition to the keynotes and panel discussions, attendees had the opportunity to enjoy the latest Ultra High Definition international productions from Brazil, Mexico, Italy, Germany, Australia, France, Norway and Spain; such as The Beagle, Avis Productions, Digital VISOM , Kropáč Media, Solenium Gang, Medina Media, Palearctic Films, Paramax Films, Artemisa Studio and LOVETHEFRAME, among others.

During the 4KSummit, several workshops from Dolby, Cellnex, FilmLight, Canon, SGO and the Institute of RTVE received a large number of high-level professional attendees, whom had the opportunity to see practical demos and receive latest 4K equipments didactics.

Medina Media, a pioneer in the 4K technology application and productions in Spain, and Comunicare Digitale, Italian association leader in new broadcast technologies spread and promotion in Europe, are the organizers of the 4KSummit that will be held

10 – 11 November 2016 in Seville, Spain. SAVE THE DATE!

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