12/02/2020 | News 4K

A group of audiovisual professionals have met in Madrid to discuss and promote the future roadmap of the Spanish Association of Ultra High Definition (UHD Spain), which will be formally constituted in April bringing together all those companies and professionals interested in promoting these new technologies in Spain.

UHD Spain, which intends to incorporate Telecos, Broadcasters, OTTs, device manufactures, production companies and professionals, will be born as a non-profit association, similar to those already existing in France, Germany, Italy and Great Britain.

The UHD Spain association will be the first of all of them supported twice since its birth by the two main world associations: the UHD Forum and the UHD Alliance.

The “promoters” of UHD Spain, who met individually in some cases and as companies in others, at the offices of RTVE in Prado del Rey, made progress on the first concrete actions to be developed in the coming months for the roadmap, work plan and timetable to promote the production and broadcast of 4K,  as well as to investigate other areas of future improvement such as 8K, higher HFR frame rate (High Frame Rate) and wider WCG colour spectrum (Wide Colour Gamut).

Among the first conclusions of the “promoters” of “UHD Spain” is the “not to start from scratch”, but to rely on the work of the World Forum of the UHD, on the work already done since 2015 by the RTVE Chair at the Polytechnic University of Madrid and on the experiences of other companies or entities that have already done work in this field and want to join this initiative.

In these five years of activity, the Chair has laid the foundations for the development of 4K in Spain and has launched successful pioneering initiatives, such as the first Ultra High Definition broadcasts in Spain, both for delayed and live programmes, and the first productions and broadcasts in High Dynamic Range (HDR).

Among those attending this first meeting was Professor José Manuel Menéndez, a professor at the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM), who coordinates the RTVE-UPM Chair.

Also participating were Pere Vila, Adolfo Muñoz and Jesús García (RTVE), Ramón Sangrà and Amadeu Gassó (TV3), Jorge Rodríguez (Hispasat), Miguel Ángel Cristóbal (Sapec), Emili Planas (Mediapro), Yeray Alfageme (Olympic Channel), Carlos Castán (Canon), Motoshi Bito (Vestel), Cédric Pesier and Pablo Rodríguez (Ateme), Alfonso Carrera (Fraunhofer), María Medina and Ricardo Medina (Medina Media).

Those companies and professionals who want to be part of the association can pre-register from now on in this email:

The registration period for the founding members (designed for companies) is open until April 1, and from then on the collaborating members (designed for professionals) will be incorporated, who will be able to join the working groups, and who will have access to all the news that are produced worldwide about the UHD.