Jose Antonio Guerra

Speaker | 2016

José Antonio Guerra is a Telecommunication Engineer by Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

He starts working in 1994 as Sound Engineer. In 1998 he is incorporated to Hispasat where he became in charge of the Engineering and Innovation Unit for Broadband Services, participating in more than ten different initiatives from the European Commission and European Space Agency. During theses years he was General Project Manager of the European Commission Framework Programme Consortiums “MOBILITY” and “SATLIFE” for the development of “mobile satellite applications” and “on board processing services”, coordinating several companies and universities in front of the European Commission. In 2007 he was incorporated to STM Group as Head of Satellite Communications.

In 2008 he is appointed Satellite Director of 21Net, an anglo-belgian company for broadband services in High Speed Trains for Central Europe. After two years, in May 2010 he is appointed Head of the Satellite Commercial Department of Telefónica International Wholesale Services. Three months later, he is appointed as Director of Satellite Business in Telefónica Global Solutions, where he drove the strategy of the satellite business for global markets with focus in Europe and Latin-America.

In 2014 he returned to Hispasat, driving the Business Office where he coordinates presales, sales and post sales for the satellite group. He was an Associated Professor in the Carlos III University of Madrid throughout eleven years, Promoter for Satellite Business Management Module inside the Satellite Technology Master of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and currently an Honorary Professor in Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid since 2008.