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The 4K HDR Summit in Malaga is consolidated as the star event of 4K and 8K worldwide and announces its 9th edition for November 13, 2023

More than 450 registered professionals and around 200 participating companies. More than 3,400 users from up to 58 countries have followed the news of the event. 61 professional speakers have participated in the [...]
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UHD arrives at Artemis I and the World Cup on the “Presidents’ Day” of the 4K HDR Summit

  NASA, which launched the Artemis I mission yesterday, has offered images of space, exclusively, in UHD. Tonio Di Stefano, Director of Networks and Platforms at RAI and President of Ultra HD Forum Italia, has [...]
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Next Generation Audio and Realverso, essential to bring immersiveness closer to viewers

“It has become clear that the 5.1.4 format is ideal for the Olympics”, says Nuno Duarte from OBS. “With the Realverse we want to be able to transport ourselves and transmit this feeling of presence of a real place [...]
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Cloud, IP, Gaming and Metaverse, key topics in the future of the audiovisual industry

The second day of the 4K HDR Summit in Malaga has brought with it several topics that are getting closer to becoming a reality. Cloud streaming, immersive audio, virtual reality, the metaverse, gaming or 8K are some [...]
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Malaga welcomes the world leaders in Ultra High Definition

Francisco de la Torre, Mayor of Malaga, will open tomorrow the eighth edition of the 4K HDR Summit and will welcome the exclusive group of 250 world experts in Ultra High Definition (UHD), popularly known as 4K. The [...]
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The tense debate on the European regulation of 8K televisions, in the opinion of the experts at the 4K HDR Summit

Chris Chinnock of the 8K Association sees “a serious problem in the situation” and refers to technology “as one of the options to reach a solution”. Prashant Chothani, of Travelxp, is optimistic [...]
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Gold medal for Olympic 5.1.4 Immersive Audio

The production company OBS, of the International Olympic Committee, after 10 years of testing, has finally decided on 5.1.4 as the ideal immersive audio system for Paris 2024 and television in general. The new immersive [...]
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The three world associations of 4K and 8K meet at the 4K HDR Summit

8K Association, with the presence of its Executive Director, Chris Chinnock; Ultra HD Forum, through its former President Thierry Fautier, and UHD Alliance through Michael Hoog, President of the Promotion Group, are the [...]
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4K conquers space at the hands of NASA, which chooses the cameras that it will use on the Moon and on the International Space Station from now on

Carlos Fontanot, Image Manager of the International Space Station (ISS), will detail NASA’s novelties this year at the eighth edition of the 4K HDR Summit in Malaga, which starts on November 14 at the National [...]
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